Social networks will govern the future

Glen Gilmore durante su ponencia en el Centro de Seguridad del Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón

Glen Gilmore is ranked 7th on Forbes´ list of “Top 50 social media power influencers” and he is an internationally – recognized digital marketing strategist. He knows perfectly the importance of social networks. “I know people who say: “I do not want to be on twitter and tweet” but me, for example, I am today in Alcorcón speaking to you thanks to twitter”, said Gilmore.

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 After a few words of appreciation from David Pérez, mayor of Alcorcón, Gilmore, who also was mayor of Hamilton, a New Jersey town, was recieving a plaque while María Luisa Montero, director of the magazine Irescate, acted as a translator for the entire staff of the police emergency, who is looking foward to know the expecience of the speaker with Anthrax.

“Emergency world is created to train professionals about what to do to any attack but also to know the correct way of solving them immediately”, Glen Gilmore said. He then explained that he learned of the existence of Anthrax by a call from a friend of a near town, “Lesson number one: always trust in your friends”, said making everybody laugh.

Gilmore was to deliver information on mortality of Anthrax to about one thousand people that had to go to hospital urgently and the only way to do that was through the media. But, if during the Anthrax attack the people had been using Twitter, could it have changed the situation? He knows the correct answer, Yes, of course. Social networks would have facilitated communication with the people, with the emergency numbers and also with the government”.

The social networking revolution

Gilmore allowed cuv3 to do some questions:

Question: Glen, in which way social networks are changing comunications?

Answer: If you want to stay connected in the world is in social networks where you should be. Nowadays, most people when they wake up the first thing they do is check what is happening on the internet, that means on social networks as Twitter or Facebook.

Q:  Therefore can we say that it is important for companies to stay abreast of what is happening in social networks?

A: Currently social networks are well placed to manage information, that is the reason why they are so important. Companies must learn how to use communication networks to establish direct contact with their customers and handle advertising. So presently, the greater the company is the more presence it has in social networks.

Q: But Glen, to what extent can we trust the information from social networks?

A: It is easier than people thought. We trust in social networks the same way we trust in the media or in our friends. Who makes sure that the information appearing in the newspapers is true? People just trust in the media because they have spent many years reporting, this is what will happen over time with social networks.

Q:  Finally, and as a student of journalism, do you think that social networks are replacing the media?

A: Yes. Journalism and journalists must now learn how to use properly technology and social media to survive the information age. Surely the future of the media is in online journalism and subscriptions.

After a few minutes of questions, Glen Gilmore received a great applause from an audience that certainly from then, they will look social networks with different eyes.

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